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Machine Frame

Customized Heavy Duty Industrial Machine Bed with Several Sizes And Weights.


Made of high-quality aluminum material that is both lightweight and strong.

Fabrication & Welding

Sheet metal customization, processing and welding according to equipment requirements.

Configuration Integration

Strategically cooperate with world-class brands to provide high-quality services and competitive prices.

Our Customers

Business Industries

Our customers are primarily companies selling laser processing equipment that often require high precision engineering and manufacturing services.

We delivering high precision and cost-effective machinery

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expert in the area.

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Expert & hard-worker

PDHS Machining is one of the very few players in the market to have a reputation in fabricating heavy-industry parts of huge dimension or large CNC machining part. We are a professional team of specialist with hands-on expertise and cumulative years of practical experiences in blending advanced technological applications to accommodate such requirement.

What we have

your best workshop

We always available 24/7

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one-stop service Provided

Includes one-on-one installation training

Quality Assurance

The craftsmanship and materials we adopt are at the highest level in the industry, and we are equipped with complete processing equipment to ensure the quality of finished products.

Installation Training

We provide complete equipment installation information, which can ensure that you can complete the installation and use of the first laser cutting machine from scratch.

Commissioning Training

We provide complete equipment debugging and use information, which can ensure that you can perfectly use the laser cutting machine you installed yourself from scratch.

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